we offer a wheel straightening service please read below

 there seems to be a lot of confusion over flat spotted or buckled wheels,, i have tyre fitters balance a wheel then tell people that a wheel is buckled when it is clearly not and any tyre fitter should know the difference. however when the customer has come to us and i have checked the wheel and spun it, it has not been buckled but the wheel has been flat spotted and i have repaired the alloy wheel with little fuss and even in some cases the flat spot has been that small it has not needed fixing and have put the customers mind at ease and re balanced the wheel for them and shown them it balanced to a perfect 0 balance .also i have know old part worn tyres to be too much out of shape and tyre fitters should not fit these tyres but have a habit of blaming the wheels not there part worn tyres, below i try to explain the differences between buckled and flat spotted wheels.

we will straighten wheels that have been flat spotted or the rims have been bent this usualy happens by hitting pot holes or curbing the wheels.

we will not attempt to straighten a buckled wheel.

there is a big difference between a flat spotted wheel and a buckled wheel. a buckled wheel means that the wheel has been buckled fom the centre hub of the wheel making the whole wheel when spinning to go  side to side when looking at the wheel spinning, so on some centre part of the wheel the alloy has been stretched this usually happens when impact has been made with force on the side of the wheel (ie skidded and hit the curb side on) this means that the rotational axis of the wheel has been damaged and you will never be able to balance the wheel and tyre properly resulting in vibration, in this case the wheel is scrap and we will not attempt to straighten the wheel as to us it is dangerous and should never tried to be repaired.

a bent wheel or flat spotted wheel is usually caused by excessive curbing or running over pot holes or curbs head on resulting in the wheel rims being bent and the wheel not being the same circumference all the way around (I.E not completely round) so when spinning on a machine it will look like it is moving up and down,,most cars on the road will have flat spotted wheels on that will not cause the owner a problem and they will not even know the reason being is that the wheel when fitted with a tyre will still balance up fine and the axis of the wheel is still fine and there will be no problem with vibration as long as the wheel is at least 90% round. however any lower than 90% round and you will still get vibration until it is repaired you can keep getting it rebalanced and everytime it will balance up within the 5g acceptable guidline fine but you will still have the vibration we have straightened wheels that are oval at 50% and once straightened to minimum 90% they are fine and once balanced there is no vibration and the wheel is fine again,but we repair these wheels using our wheel straightening machine and we get wheels back to 95-98% this can save you a lot of money as we have known customers to be charged up to £600 per wheel replacement by some car main dealers.

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