We are now offering a polishing service for alloy wheels with polished  lips or outer rims .

we can polish the outer lip of wheels "example"some mercedes monoblock wheels have a small outer lip that can be polished.

or we can polish alloy wheels that have a deep dish outer rim.

we do not do whole wheel face polishing this is too time consuming and costly and most wheels that have there face like that are usually diamond cut which we do not do.

please note all wheels needing polishing will have to viewed first as some wheels will just be too rotted to do anything with if this is the case we will tell you but also offer some alternative options.

prices will vary from £30 to £60  per wheel depending on the condition of the wheels and work that needs to be done on the wheels.this only covers polishing of the item and lacqeuring of the polished surfice.

      any other work that needs doing to your wheel/s there will be a extra charge which will be discussed when we see the wheel/s (dents damage etc etc)