alloytech wheel refurbishment delivery/collection

there are different ways you can get the wheels to us.

1. you can simply drop off and collect your wheels to us at our address in peterborough. postcode area PE3

2. you can get the item couriered to us and then we will courier the wheels back to you the only thing you have to do is parcel the wheels and book them in with the couriers(please see our postage charges for return of your wheels.)

3. if you are within a 60 mile radius of area code PE3  pickup and delivery can be arranged for a  fee of  £10 to £25 to collect and £10 to £25 to deliver back to you,this price depends on how far you are away from us which is worked out by mileage.

as soon as you get your wheels to us we then do the rest except if you are collecting the wheels yourself.

you can send your wheels with or without your tyres on .

wheels with tyres will cost more to courier as they have to be parceled seperately,however the good side of sending with tyres on is that you get your wheels back with tyres refitted and balanced at no extra charge,unless you do not want the tyres refitting in that case the tyres will be disposed of and will not be sent back to you

 postage charges are as follows

sets of wheels without tyres

sets of 4 alloy/steel wheels up to 12"  £20.00

sets of 4 alloy/steel refurbed wheels up to 17"  £30.00

 sets of 4 alloy/steel wheels up to 20"  £38.00

sets of 4 alloy/steel wheels up to 24"  £45.00

sets of wheels with tyres are as above plus £6.00 a set extra

single wheel postage

single alloy/steel wheel up to 12"  £9.50p

single alloy/steel wheel up to 17"  £9.99

single alloy/steel wheel up to 20"  £11.99

single alloy/steel wheel up to 24"  £12.99

single wheels with tyres please add £2 to price above

all single alloy/steel wheels fitted with tyres plus£1.00 extra

below is a link to a courier service that we use and you can choose your carrier.

click for courier